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Big Chickie

RVCDF helped Big Chickie secure the property and obtain the funding necessary to renovate its beloved neighborhood location.

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Big Chickie

“It’s our first and only restaurant, and it’s inspired by the things we love best: good food, friends, family and community,” said south Seattle residents Matt and Sara Stubbs who opened the business in September 2014. “We make all of our food fresh right here in Hillman City.”

Growing up in the Washington D.C. suburbs, Matt’s family ate a lot of Peruvian style charcoal rotisserie chicken. His parents had lived in Peru in the late 60s while serving in the Peace Corps, and they returned with a love for the people and food of Peru that they shared with him.

Having moved to Seattle long ago, he found himself missing one of his all-time favorite meals.

“We knew we wanted to share pollo a la brasa with our community,” said Matt


But he and Sara needed capital to support the renovation of the location they found—the old Rudy’s gas station in Hillman City located in a newly trendy neighborhood just south of Columbia City.

“We contacted other banks but none were interested in investing in a south Seattle location,” said Matt.

RVCDF provided the funding necessary for the extensive remodel, and also helped to secure the property.

“They provided the introduction and gave our proposal credibility by showing a desire to invest in Hillman City,” added Matt. “We were a startup, so 100 percent of our current success would not have been possible without RVCDF.”

The funding also allowed Big Chickie to create four new jobs.

“Our awesome team is what makes Big Chickie great,” said Matt. “Many of our team members are our neighbors here in Hillman City and in the Rainier Valley. We’re proud to employ so many local youth.”