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Renew Physical Therapy Celebrates Grand Opening in Hillman City October 23, 2017

Renew Physical Therapy (PT) recently celebrated its new South Seattle space with a grand opening celebration attended by 200 guests, including patients, friends, neighbors and others.
Originally founded by Rainier Valley resident Erik Norwood in 2007, the clinic serves patients from Mount Baker, Seward Park, Beacon Hill, Renton, Skyway and other nearby areas. Since its humble beginnings, the staff of two grew to eight and one massage therapist at its former Columbia City location.

“Our front desk person, Lidiya Hardy is still with us and is now our Billing and Office Manager,” says Erik. “We grew so fast that our small 1,300-square foot clinic in Columbia City was packed, and we needed more space.”

To accommodate the increase in business and clientele,, Renew PT purchased a building with adjacent property for parking and moved to its new Hillman City location, just one mile south, in August of 2017, where its expansive and newly remodeled clinic sits prominently on the northeast corner of Rainier Avenue South and South Orcas Street.

“With the added space, we’ve been able to add a women’s health program and a knee injury prevention program, as well as programs to help injured patients return to work,” says Erik.
They’ve also hired more staff and helped grow the businesses of their partners, Stillwater Massage and iMSK Medicine & Wellness. Renew PT now employs 15 and its partners have increased its staffing. A total of 12 new jobs was created after the move.

“Partnering with iMSK allows us to see patients for an ache, pain or strain right off the street,” say Erik. “Including prescribing medication if needed and—with the help of all the other services—complete our vision of offering a multidisciplinary approach to treating musculoskeletal injuries from the beginning to the end of the injury.”

RVCDF assisted with the acquisition financing and renovation costs. “RVCDF was able to help us find solutions and keep the project moving forward in ways that may not have been possible or as easy with banks or more standard funding sources,” says Erik.

The staff is excited about its new Hillman City home and continuing to provide quality healthcare to the South Seattle community.

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