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Investing for Impact with RVCDF

Foundations, individual accredited investors, governments, and banks invest in RVCDF. They do so because our mission and the impacts of our investments align with their values or mission. We currently manage nearly $200 million, and we work across Oregon and Washington. We focus on delivering capital where it’s needed most and where it can generate the greatest impacts.

We prioritize lending to those who are unable to qualify for traditional bank financing. By doing this we aim to build resilience, lessen the racial wealth gap, and create opportunities for all. We understand return on investment as not just financial, but also encompassing social and environmental impacts, and we take on bold, future-oriented, long-term projects.

RVCDF maintains a 100 percent repayment history with all investors since inception and our consolidated three-year rolling loss rate of 2.18 percent is covered by our loan loss reserve.

Here are ways you can support RVCDF:


RVCDF borrows capital from national, regional and community banks; federal, state and local governments; and private, community and family foundations to achieve shared mission outcomes. Opportunities for targeting geography, borrower type and sectors are available. Below market rates allow RVCDF to maintain affordable rates to our borrowers and advance mission outcomes.


RVCDF works with grantors and donors by providing capital and operating grants that helps us to grow our revolving loan fund, leverage private capital and support operating costs such as geographic assessments and expansion to new markets, product development for new financing tools to support regional clients, dedicated outreach to underserved populations and the like. RVCDF is a 501c3 charitable corporation so grants and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by federal law.


RVCDF Community Impact Investment Notes are offered to be accredited individual investors (direct and advised), religious institutions and non-bank corporations as unsecured senior debt with general recourse to RVCDF. It is a way to invest in your community and strengthen regional resilience. Learn more.

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